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Infohio Minute--World Book Resources!!!

It is not just an Encyclopedia anymore! Great for text complexity. Check it out!

Infohio Update

Infohio Update

Infohio Minute--Timelines Creating and Searching

What a great find! A place for students to create their own timelines!!! World Book also has over 400 prepared ones! History teachers don't miss this one!

Middle School

Infohio Minute--EBSCO and Setting up Alerts

Learn how students and staff can use this resource in Infohio to find magazine and journal articles! Also learn how to set up alerts to get your favorite journal sent you each time one is published!!! Way Cool!

Infohio Minute--Learning Express Library for Math Teachers

Access infohio and go to Learning Express. This might be a great resource for math and tutoring math.


Infohio Minute--Digital Video Collection

Today Infohio Minute---Digital Video Collection