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A tutorial for the French Alphabet for the next 7th grade class to teach them the alphabet. For Madame Laine to approve.


Kelsey Jobalia and Katie..


By Paige, Stephanie, Skylar, Maddi


This is Skylar's screencast adout the french alphabet. ENJOY!!!!!!Tee-hee

FRENCH_8_Kelsey and Katie's French Project

Kelsey and Katie's French Video Project


A tutorial on the alphabet in French.

3 Little Bears

7th Grade French Class

A day at Wyoming Middle School... In French!

Wyoming c'est tres cool! Nous aimons l'ecole!

Will et Cullen go to Champagne

Will and Cullen have dinner in Champagne France

Jamel Debbouze Interview

Jamel Debbouze Interview


By Elizabeth Anderson

Guyane- Madeleine and Janey

Janey and Madeleine visit guyane! :)

A day at Wyoming Middle School... In French!

L'ecole c'est tres cool! Melissa, Yuhsuan, and Emily B.


a video of french stuff

FRENCH_8_ Madeleine and Janey

Video for French Pen-Pals about WMS