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The French Alphabet.


A story of life

Notre Ecole- Anya Sophie Stellla

A video of our school in French

Erosion Gets Schooled Project Presentation

This video shows the entire process of our erosion prevention design challenge at Hilltop Primary. Lots of pictures show Hilltop students in grades K-4 working together to install a French drain on our school grounds.

8th grade French interviews

Made by Beck Hunter, Ryan Loney and Matthew Malone

Mon College

By: Joi Yuchia and Emily

French Video 8 MAJ

Our legitoppotumus french video

French Epals Movie

By Lucy Ian et Myles

Notre École: WMS

By Jenny L., Catherine M., and Katherine N.


By Joe, Marissa, Hogan and Elizabeth


My french alphabet tutorial.


BY Wyatt Elsass and Myles Williams


This tutorial will help you to learn the French alphabet. It gives you the pronunciation of letters, tips, and practice spelling French words using the French alphabet. Hopefully after watching you will begin to get a sense of the alphabet in French.


A French alphabet tutorial for 7th grade students.


An alphabet tutorial


By alia derp


Radu & Vincent's third bell French project


A tutorial on the French Alphabet.

Learning the French Alphabet

This tutorial will teach you all the letters in the French alphabet, give memorization tips, and help you to spell a few French words. Hopefully after watching this video you will be on your way to successfully learning the alphabet in French.