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Anneliese et Elyse presentent WMS

Anneliese and Elyse present WMS for their e-pals in France.

Une journée dans la vie d'Ethan et Adam

French Film by Ethan and Adam

Sophia, Lily et Cara presentent WMS

We present our school to our e-pals

The French Alphabet (L'alphabet)

The alphabet in French.

la' alphabet

my alphabet in french!!!!

French Alphabet

The French Alphabet


Power point of the french alphabet

French E-pal video

Describing our school

French Project 2/17/17 Sam

This is our french project Sam, Joey, and Griffin

Pronunciation of the French Alphabet

This video presents the pronunciation of the French alphabet. By Daniele S. and Susie S.

French Alphabet Introduction

By Liam O'Shaughnessy and Nick Mouch (Includes IPA).

French Alphabet - By Nicholas Gockerman, Grant Robinson, and Gavin Mosely

An educational tutorial on the basics of the French Alphabet. (Includes spelling of 3 common words and pronunciations of letter

l'alphabet by Paul S. & Aleks R.

This video is a reading of the French alphabet .

8th Grade French Will Drew

This is our French video of our school that we will send to our epals in France. Enjoy!!!1!!


french videos

Irene french

8th grade french