How to Use DynaCal

Here are the written directions on how to schedule computers, rooms or signup on the test calendar.

Scripting for Technology Conference

Here is the PDF for the glog link.

Web 2.0 Tools for Conference

PDf for conference--Ellie

Editing for Technology Conference

Editing for Conference--Parker

Cowboy Tube PDF for Technology Conference

PDF file for OnMedia Cowboy Tube --Luke

Green Screening PDF

For Ohio Technology Conference

Movie Handout

This sheet is for taking notes on a video on your topic.

Resources for Conference

Resource List for conference presetation

How to Use Poll Everywhere

And embed it into a PowerPoint. PC's

Book Chat Collage

Used in Glog for Class Book Chat

Vishnu wins Video Contest

Read about Vishnu's Make It Happen at the Freestore Foodbank video that won a wervice video competition.

Rubric for Glogster

Glogster Rubric for 5th Grade Research