Tech Club Roster for 2015-2016

Since there are so many students we have divided the group into 3 quarters. If you are unable to come during the quarter you are assigned let Mrs. Reiber know and she will shift your quarter. Thanks!

Adjusting the Track Pad

Here is how to get better control of your cursor!

Tech Club Roster by Quarter 2014-15

If there are conflicts or questions call, email or come see Mrs. Reiber

Extend Screen Directions Created by:Will R.

This is the directions how to extend your computer screen.

Infohio Update

Infohio Update

Technology Bootcamp Contact Form

Please print and fill out and bring to first class! Thanks!

Flipgrid Teacher Guide

Great for a verbal Formative Assessment

3rd Quarter Tech Club and Tech Leaders

Looking forward to a great Quarter. If your name does not appear see Mrs. Reiber

Movie Maker Guide

For students and teachers!

WMS PDU Credit Requirements

Pick a tool from the: 12 Tools for the New Year and then complete this form and return to Karen Reiber--she will send you a formsite form upon completion to track your PDU's.

Adrienne and Rebekah

Africa Visual Argument Essay

Using Screencast-O-Matic

Guide for students and staff.

Accessing Discovery Education through Library-Destiny Catalog

This is soooooooooooo easy--access Discovery Education through our Destiny Library Catalog! No passwords needed!

Rubric for Glogster

Glogster Rubric for 5th Grade Research