Voki Tutorial

Directions for making a Voki


Chapter 3, Quiz 1

Covers the first few lessons of chapter 3.


DynaCal Instructions

Instructions for DynaCal

Summer PD Discovery Education

Power Point Presentation for Summer PD

Screencasting Using Screencast-O-Matic

Guide sheet for screencasting.

Cowboy Tube Guide

How to upload videos into Cowboy Tube. Guide.

Using Animoto

Animoto Guide

Using Audacity

Audacity Guide--for Podcasting

Using Cowboy Tube

Updated guide to using Cowboy tube.

Using Glogster

Create a multimedia online poster using Glogster Edu. A great web tool!

Using Screencast-O-Matic

Screencasting tool that loads into cowboy tube!

Using Voki

A great tool for podcasting with an Avatar.

Using Xtranormal

A great web 2.0 tool for creating animated movies. Fun!

How to Use DynaCal

Here are the written directions on how to schedule computers, rooms or signup on the test calendar.

ELMO Made Easy!

If you need to know how to hook or run your ELMO--here is the guide for you!

2012 Wyoming PRIDE Survey

Key PRIDE Survey Graphs

Scripting for Technology Conference

Here is the PDF for the glog link.

Web 2.0 Tools for Conference

PDf for conference--Ellie

Editing for Technology Conference

Editing for Conference--Parker